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Jean Claude Chalhoub – Fr | JeanClaudeChalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub – Fr | JeanClaudeChalhoub

The Hobbies of jean claude Chalhoub 's

Wine and antique collecting are just some of the pastimes of jean claude Chalhoub ( is also interested in recreational activities outside of his career. The marvels in the world fascinate him. In order to see them himself, he regularly journeys abroad.

Learning from the accomplishments of his family members, he found himself able to steer clear of the pitfalls that countless young business owners fall afoul of. At present, Jean Claude Chalhoub directs and runs the business of insurance and reinsurance that was designed and established by his father during the late 1940's. Jean Claude Chalhoub was, in fact, born into a family which held excellent links to business and a wide array of cultures.

With a Lebanese father and an Italian mother, a range of cultures influenced Jean Claude Chalhoub during his formative years. Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Italian are the languages he is able to speak. Mingling with the influx of tourists from across the globe who visit Egypt on a regular basis helped him with his learning in these languages. While growing up he was a significant part of the lives of all his family. Jean Claude Chalhoub was born to a corporate household living in Egypt.

Educational Career

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s birth place is a hub for tourists. This has allowed him to study other cultures by communicating with them. He is able to establish a good relationship with, and understand clients due to his studies and knowledge of the languages that most of his clients use. Jean Claude Chalhoub's studies began in Egypt, where he carried on his schooling and then went on to study for his economics bachelor's degree in France.

Starting out as a member of staff, Jean Claude Chalhoub was given the privilege of studying his father’s routine actions. By utilising this chance, he learnt the intricacies of company management. Working his way up in the business has given him the know-how and experience necessary to achieve fantastic successes. Jean Claude Chalhoub joined the family company at a low level after completing his studies in France. His family business has provided him with basic foundation for his career-advancement, through which he acquired valuable facilitation to excel in his professional life.