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  Jean Claude Chalhoub
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Due to his good foundational awareness of business, he is in a position to cater to worldwide markets efficiently and masterfully. His stable family background shielded him from being exposed to common risks as a developing business owner. Operating from the top level, jean claude Chalhoub ( manages his family company which was set up in the late 1940's by his father to offer insurance and reinsurance.

Customers are able to interact directly with him readily, because of the fact that he can communicate in five languages. Jean Claude Chalhoub`s most remarkable skill is his flexibility to correspond efficiently and to develop trust between himself and the people he meets. His capacity to communicate in many different languages has aided him to recognise the structure of various markets that the business operates in.

The planet is packed with remarkable places and sights which enchant him, so he travels often. Apart from his vocational activities, Jean Claude Chalhoub is engaged in various leisurely pastimes. Jean Claude Chalhoub holds an interest in horse racing. As a way to complement this, he decided to buy a racehorse which has taken part in contests worldwide. He has a big love for sailing and regularly sails his own personal boats.

His birth country has witnessed a great turnover of tourists worldwide, and this has helped him in learning many languages, such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and English. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s nation of birth and his home environment had a noteworthy influence on him while he was growing up. An international insurance and reinsurance company belongs to Jean Claude Chalhoub's father.


Interaction with holidaymakers has played a key role in becoming mindful of different cultures for Jean Claude Chalhoub. His parents were from two diverse cultures and backgrounds. This made it possible for him to adopt and learn both languages and cultures. His schooling helped him considerably while adapting and learning as a business entrepreneur and leader. Even though Jean Claude Chalhoub studied for his economics degree in France, he commenced and continued his learning in Egypt prior to relocating.

Jean Claude Chalhoub - Business Leader

Jean Claude Chalhoub improved the business further when he covered regions such as Canada, Latin America and France. Jean Claude Chalhoub was specially elected by his father to be of assistance with running the company after he established his importance as an employee. With his exemplary track record of furthering the development of the establishment, its triumph in the future is guaranteed.